I have been working with Ben Skuse as a freelance writer for four years. As one of our feature writers at Cosmos Magazine, Ben excelled himself in creating deep, engaging stories on far flung concepts such as the physics of ‘singing’ sand dunes. Having started Refraction Media, a custom publisher specialising in science writing, Ben was a must-have writer to include in our team of 20 specialist science writers. Ben has proved himself as adept in style and tone and agile across concepts as a writer for us at Refraction, covering concepts as varied as astronomy, coding and earth sciences for a variety of audiences from international researchers, Vcs and Parliamentarians to high school students. I would unhesitatingly recommend Ben as a freelance writer, he consistently delivers solid, lively writing on time and to brief.

Heather Catchpole, Founder & Creative Director, Refraction Media

I’ve known Ben for over two years now and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s professional, responsive, helpful, and extremely capable. He is able to comfortably take on writing jobs spanning a broad range of scientific and technical subjects to produce both grant applications and technical narratives that help our clients get government funding for their research and development projects. He has been a trusted team member and I hope I get to work with him again on other projects in the future.

Martin Brennan, R&D Tax Credit Technical Consultant, GrantTree

In the five year period I have worked with Ben to date, he has proved himself to be a consummate professional in everything from the pure editorial skills of research, interviewing, writing, editing and proofing, to creative concept,  management and delivery of multi-channel communications, be they publications, brochures, video and animation scripts or other projects. His scientific background and academic prowess teamed with his flair for communication lends him an understanding of technical material that allows him to transform complexity into accessible and engaging content that is tailored for a variety of audiences. And perhaps most importantly, not only can Ben be relied upon to meet deadlines with dependably high quality outputs, but he is always enthusiastic and fun to work with.

Sarah Anderson, Head of Editorial, Research Media Ltd

I was delighted to receive yesterday a couple of copies of the forthcoming issue of Sky & Telescope with your splendid article on globular cluster simulations. Thinking about how you have covered and woven together all the diverse material, I admire it greatly. Sure these are not skills you learned studying mathematics in Edinburgh! Congratulations on a fine
piece of science writing, which I’ll treasure.

Professor Emeritus Douglas Heggie, University of Edinburgh

Congratulations on such a fantastic article! You managed to convey the physics to the popular audience while remaining very accurate on all your points. The article is absolutely awesome. I’ll definitively recommend my friends and colleagues to read it.

Professor Luis Anchordoqui, Pierre Auger Observatory and Lehman College, City University of New York

To S&T: I’ve lost count of the number of articles regarding this story that I’ve received and read over the past few days, from sources ranging from world-class news media to top-shelf physics and math publications, and – as is so often the case – yours is by far the most in-depth and explanatory of the lot, a not-just-cut-and-paste of the press release, managing not to get bogged down in the intellectual weeds while simultaneously not dumbing down to the point of scientific-sounding fluff.

This is so often the case. I’m continuously impressed at just how often your science reporting is the best of the bunch, and not just on stories directly in the wheelhouse of astronomy.

I hope you read this thank you and note of appreciation. 🙂

Sky & Telescope reader, feedback for a news story on the IceCube neutrino–blazar connection

The article by Benjamin Skuse (Physics World Nov. 2018) is a fascinating and admirably well written account of the revolution in defining the values of fundamental constants.

Physics World Letter to the Editor from William Gough, in reference to the story SI gets a makeover