This is just a snapshot of the print and web content I have created in a range of formats and styles over the years. If you would like to see further examples of my work, please contact me.


New Scientist

I got chatting to a New Scientist editor at a science journalism summer school last year, who told me that he wanted more maths-based articles in the magazine but found it hard to find writers willing to take maths stories on. Innocently, I jumped at the opportunity. What followed was the toughest write I have ever done. The result is a feature describing the epic journey Spyridon Michalakis and Matthew Hastings went on to solve a mathematical physics problem that had stumped the community for decades. View article [subscription required]


Sky & Telescope

I had wondered about the end to a story I was told at university about one of my professors running a simulation of the universe for years. So I asked him and Sky & Telescope published what I found out. Since then, I have written various pieces for the magazine, including a cover feature on the armada of explorers being launched at Mars in 2020, as well as several news stories for the Sky & Telescope website. View article [subscription required]


BBC Sky at Night

After reading an interesting journal article about how Hubble and the new Webb telescope might be used for live stereoscopic viewing, I wrote a piece for BBC Sky at Night to highlight the Webb’s capabilities in seeing Solar System objects. I have latterly had the privilege of writing several pieces for the magazine’s Voyager special issue, as well as news and feature articles. View article


The Scientist

Neuropsychologist Simon Thompson found a possible link between yawning and multiple sclerosis. So what better way to get under the skin of his research than volunteering to take part in one of his experiments in a feature for The Scientist? Among further features is a piece on redesigning the humble brick to produce electricity, and clean water and air. View article


Physics World

Having already written about the difficulties fundamental physicists face when going against scientific consensus, Physics World editors tasked me with a fun project to research sibling scientists and the role brothers and sisters play in shaping scientific careers, which led to a cover feature. I also regularly write Research Updates for the Physics World website. View article

AN cover

Astronomy Now

Astronomy Now is the biggest amateur astronomy magazine in the UK. In the past year, I have written about simulating Martian space dirt, why super-Earths/mini-Neptunes hold so much intrigue, the trials and tribulations of the Arecibo Observatory, as well as a fun piece on how Mars rovers take selfies.  View articles [subscription required]


Refraction Media

For years, I have been helping Refraction Media in Australia in developing content for their exciting careers guides for students in Years 9–12. Most features look at how students can combine STEM skills with their passion and take these skills into the workplaces of the future. View articles


E&T Magazine

My first article for E&T, the IET’s award-winning monthly magazine for professional engineers, explored the emerging discipline of materials informatics. I have since written on free-space optical security and encryption, and the challenges facing quantum computing. View article


Technologist Magazine

Working with LargeNetwork, I have been involved with Technologist magazine, which brings together the best and most exciting research and innovation from Europe and beyond, since issue 8. Every time the topic is different, from transhumanism to resurrecting extinct puppies. I also had the honour of writing the Last Word in the magazine’s final print issue 15. View articles